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Following on the popularity of Wasteland, Electronic Arts released this unofficial sequel, using a modified version of the Wasteland game engine.

Fountain of Dreams takes place several decades after a nuclear bombardment has caused the state of Florida to break off from the mainland and become an isolated island community. The survivors of the war have split into several opposing factions, and life on the island of Florida is constantly threatened both by the ever present threat of radiation-induced mutation and by the Killer Clowns, a group of deranged and heavily armed marauders descended from circus performers stranded on the island by the war.

When the Clowns murder the only man with the knowledge to stop the spread of the mutation, it becomes your task to locate a cure to the mutation before it overtakes your group of survivors as well as what's left of humanity on the island.

As an intended "sequel" to Interplay's classic Wasteland, this game falls short of that classic in numerous ways. However, it is a good, solid RPG on its own: interesting plot (you are mercenaries slowly mutating from the effects of radiation), characters, and sub-quests. The worst thing about this game is the awful play balance: you will die so frequently in the earlier battles that it only takes the most persistent and die-hard gamers to get to the point where your characters are strong enough. Save often!

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