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Escape from Hell is an innovative adventure/role-playing game that features all the standard accouterments normally associated with other games in the genre. But the developers took it a step further and seeded the game with much more in the way of tongue-in-cheek weaponry and defensive items. This isn't your normal wizards and dragons dungeon crawl. You're in Hell and are faced with the daunting prospect of finding both your girlfriend and friend then escaping from this gruesome place. In a very clever way of presenting the standard software company plea to prevent pirating and illegally copying software for your friends, we discover, through innuendo, that your character Dick is in Hell because, as an extremely generous person, he copied games to make his friends happy. At the time the game begins, he and Alan have been enthusiastically working together on development of an adventure game with Hell as its setting when Alan disappears and Dick's girlfriend vanishes right before his very eyes! After a strange phone call, he finds himself in Hell as well.

Although game play is outdated by late-1990's standards, Escape from Hell at the time of release was cutting edge. Play proceeds through a series of menus with action choices and commands to direct on-screen activity. The screen is usually divided into three main parts consisting of an Interaction Screen, Combat Screen, and for lack of a better description, a Portrait Screen of the character encountered. When meeting another character or group, the interaction options include talking, attacking, checking status or leaving. In combat situations triggered by encountering hostile groups or having them ambush you, available options are attack, defend, check status, hide or the cowardly (but smart) choice to run. The interface is surprisingly easy to use with character summaries given at the push of a button. Character's have modifiable attributes of strength, intelligence, piety, agility, stamina (especially useful in Hell!), stealth, evasion and magical item enhancements like comprehension, perception and psychic force. An interesting use of passive skills (combat enhancing) that aren't actively invoked include dueling, martial arts, fist fighting, acrobatics, melee ability, pistol and more. Important active skills for survival are physical in nature (e.g., parachuting, pick lock, bluffing, swimming, steal, chemistry, etc.). All 67 weapons in the game have ratings in damage, defense, attack effectiveness, range and number of uses. There is even a mystery weapon of sorts: Fairy Dust. Use at your own peril.

Escape from Hell can be a fun experience especially in light of the tremendous number of character building choices and the huge arsenal of weaponry and defensive items available. Developed with a clever sense of humor, the game is a bit different from the normal role playing adventure. The interface may be on the primitive side but it is easy to use and even if game play isn't always as smooth as it could be, the game's interesting premise makes the small flaws palatable. You could do worse than escape to Escape from Hell.

Graphics: Dark world with really bright fire (what would you expect from Hell?). Simple backgrounds and cartoon-like demons and creatures. Certainly sets the mood but not otherwise memorable.

Sound: Sounds are limited.

Enjoyment: A really interesting diversion that'll take up a moderate amount of time. Story is fun, fresh and innovative. An awful lot of combat but with such a terrific array of standard and odd weaponry it can be amusing.

Replay Value: Not much of a reason to replay the game (unless you just happen to like the location).

You've died and been sent to hell - you don't want to stay here! You must do your best to escape the lapping fires that plague your mind - and meet some of the most evil human beings and creatures you'll ever see.

A very humorous small RPG game. You are trapped in 'hell ' and you have to get out and save your girlfriend. There are some cunning puzzles to solve. This game is quite a parody on other RPG games with ofcourse lots of fun and jokes.

A "light" RPG with a healthy dose of humor, Escape from Hell is based on an interesting premise: you are a typical guy who's one day mysteriously "zapped" into Hell. And now you must find a way out alive. Talk to lots of Hellish creatures, see inventive tortures and why, aside from the apologetic note in Hell's phone booth, your guardian angel never shows up.

Gameplay is standard top-down RPG fare, with simplified statistics and a good amount of adventure-style puzzle solving. The designer missed no opportunity in poking fun of Biblical references and pop culture: everything from weapon choices, non-player characters, and location descriptions in the game are tongue-in-cheek and some are flat-out funny. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to try a good RPG parody, but don't be fooled by the simplified statistics though: the game will take you quite a while to finish.

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