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Play a would-be hero in the city of Hillsfar, where action and adventure await the daring adventurer. Join the local guild and complete missions from the guild master in a quest for glory and gold!

Hillsfar is a "single-hero" role playing game (in comparison to other Advanced Dungeons & Dragons RPGs, where the player usually controls a group of characters). A combination of 1st person perspective (when traveling in the city of Hillsfar) and 3rd person perspective (usually in some action-style mini-quests) viewpoints.

As a would-be-hero, four classes are available in a randomly generated mission-based plot: Thief, Mage, Fighter or Cleric. Each class, to a certain extent, has a different approach for completing quests.

A fun RPG with lots of neat arcade sequences (e.g. horseback riding, lockpicking, arena fights), this game once again proves that Westwood didn't become one of the greatest computer game companies from sheer luck. Although not a full-fledged RPG, it's a fun diversion set in the D&D universe. You'd have to be somewhat good at action games though, since you'll definitely need reflexes for this one. Aside from vibrant graphics and many sub-plot for each character class, the lock-picking interface in this game is the best I've seen.

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