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The third installment of the series, Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor is not only bigger but substantially better than the first two games. It seems as if this time around, the developers listened to the fans who found combat a tad too tough to master and included an "all attack" button which makes fighting more of a pleasure than a chore. But, even better, the designers didn't stop there. Once again the storyline has been improved as have the graphics and sound. There are more cinematic sequences which are nicely integrated to keep the story flowing and more and better environments in which to slash, hack and cast your magic spells. Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor challenges you to stretch your skills as you encounter a veritable hornet's nest of dangers, each with it's own clever or nasty tricks to overcome. Fortunately, as in the second game in the series (Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon), the option to import your party is still intact and it's highly recommended that you take advantage of this if possible. Movement in this game is not limited to one location but covers forests, temples, guilds and a mausoleum. Puzzles and traps are numerous and for the most part fair but challenging. The length of the game is significantly longer than the previous titles as even veteran gamers will find it tough to finish in less than fifty hours.

The musical score has noticeably been improved and is more diversified and sound effects, especially those in combat, are digitized and realistic. However, some of the ambient sounds are annoying and repetitive to the point of distraction and many is the time you'd like the option to squelch them. Alas, just consider it as part of the right of passage in carrying out your noble quest. Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor hosts a large array of new monsters and spells to go along with the more familiar ones of the previous two games and your journey to retrieve the ultimate prize, an artifact endowed with divine power, will not be easy. The game has a definite end in sight, namely defeating the nasty lich Acwellan with the aforementioned artifact once you attain it thus eradicating his dark oppressive rule over the ruined city of Myth Drannor.

As might be expected, Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor is considerably improved over the first two in nearly all respects. It's still at heart a dungeon crawl with most of the attributes of the typical role playing game. The most irritating aspect of the game is the lack of an automapping feature. In a game this large, that RPG staple is a near must but you won't find it here. Despite the main shortcomings mentioned above, this game should provide a lengthy diversion for even the most demanding fantasy role players.

Graphics: Lots of static screen shots and nicely rendered cinematic 'intermission' sequences.

Sound: Much improved over the first two games in the series. Five musical scores are used to enhance the mood and the digitized sound effect (those in battle) are well done. In some isolated instances, the ambient sounds are overdone and get annoying.

Enjoyment: The game demands a lot of time and for the most part, it's time well spent. A good story built around the normal fantasy RPG restrictions of fighting, quests and magic.

Replay Value: Most will find it too long to want to go through it a second time.

This is the third and the final part of Eye of the Beholder trilogy. While boasting of their exploits in the the previous game, the party is approached by a man with a tale of a dangerous lich who threatens the surrounding area. Without hesitation the party agrees to deal with the lich, and the mysterious man teleports them into yet another adventure.

The game is more or less the same as the prequels, the battles play out in the same way as in previous entries. Characters can fight mano-a-mano, or they can throw things, weapons, arrows, etc. Open spaces have been added to the game as well as the ability for the entire party to attack at once. New high level monsters, spells, and equipment can be found as well.

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