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"Mad Paradox" is a console-style role-playing game. A man named Gorgus has killed your father, and you have to find the villain and to avenge your father's death. Moving around your hero through towns and dungeons in top-down view, you must fight (in turn-based combat style) many monsters, gather experience points, and collect items. The game also features some scenes with naked women, and many sub-quests involve saving girls and then enjoying their manga-style pictures.

A relatively unknown anime-style RPG from Japanese designer Samourai, Mad Paradox is your typical lad-on-a-quest-to-avenge-father's-death game that is one of the worse games of its type ever made. The game shares many shortcomings of most early anime RPGs, such as grainy graphics, poor writing (well, at least here there are few typos), and simple statistics-- all magnified tenfold. Nevertheless, it might appeal to fans of "Hentai" games (e.g. anime style games interspersed with nude pictures). Everyone else is advised to stay away, however.

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