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Miura Warrior is a fun console-style RPG that saw over 3 years in development. Despite amateurish graphics that makes everything look like 2D paper cutouts without any depth, Miura Warrior is notable for a long list of features not commonly seen in computer RPGs, let alone free ones. Among other things, your party can comprise of up to 10 characters, and the game uses excellent free-style character development system similar to Final Fantasy (i.e. for levelling up). Another takeaway from Final Fantasy is the real-time battles, which are presented in zoomed-in mode, with good animations of both your party members and the monsters. The game also boasts a "multi-plot system," although it seems rather linear when I tried it (perhaps this refers to subquests rather than real alternate plots). With 40 special skills and 40 magic spells, dozens of monster types, and solid implementation of console-style sensibilities, Miura Warrior is yet another undiscovered freeware gems that should please all anime fans and fans of console RPGs in particular. The writing could use some polish, and there is a few bad typos here and there, but they don't detract much from the fun. Well worth a look!


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