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You are in the land Darkmoore which is reigned by the evil Lexnor. And because you are playing an RPG you have to defeat him. For this purpose you travel through Darkmoore to conquer dungeons and maximize your fame. You can choose between five classes.

The screen is divided into two parts. On the left side is always our hero, the right side is reserved for various indexes like a map. This is, if you play alone. Quite unusually for RPGS of its time you can play the game with a friend - the second player is seen on the right side of the screen.

Before every fight you can try to bribe your enemy

The only RPG ever published by QQP, Red Crystal is a very kind of RPG that can best be described as RPG meets strategy-- similar to Omnitrend's Paladin and Sierra's Birthright, your goal is to maximize your hero's fame by sending him/her to different quests that may or may not be part of the overall plot of the game (which, in this case, is your typical "kill-the-evil-lord" story). It has its moments, but the whole is unfortunately less than the sum of its parts here because neither the strategy nor the RPG portion truly stands out. Worth a look if you are interested in seeing tactical elements in RPGs, though. Another innovative feature here is that two players can play the game simultaneously.

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