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Satirical video games are generally more effective if they look and play anything remotely like their inspiration (Untima a better example in this case), but that hasn't kept a couple of teens from throwing together a side-scrolling homage to the wispy plots, repetitive gameplay and spotty use of Olde Tyme Englishe diction strewn throughout the Ultima series (also initially, it should be noted, the handiwork of a couple of teens.)

You play a wizard, advancing step-by-step ever to the right side of the screen across the harsh wilderness landscape of what amounts to a Grade 2 student's first attempt at using MS Paint. Enormous, static, intentionally-crudely-rendered monsters block your path, but they are easily dispatched by close use of the "A" key, to attack. Various statistics are kept track of, incrementing and decrementing as you move, fight and kill, replenished by giant magical potions dotting the landscape. At the end of each level is a huge golden amulet -- alas, decoys all of them. Every subsequent level plays identically to the prior, save that the monsters require an additional hit to do away with.

Ultimuh is a great parody of a certain hit RPG series whose name should be all too familiar to you by now if you haven't been living under a rock for the past 15 years ;) The game pokes fun of Origin's classic in many ways, particularly the 8-level/world premise, the "Ye Olde English" language, and many other elements that will be familiar to fans of the series. Although more of a short parody or gag than a real game, Ultimuh does feature random monsters, meaning no two games will be exactly alike. If you love the classics, Ultimuh will bring at least a chuckle to your face ;)

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