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This LORD clone (as it turns out, a popular template for BBS doors to follow) strips away the transparent sci-fi and fantasy trappings of the typical adolescent power fantasy, its teenaged author dishing up an experience far more close to heart to most of its pubescent players -- dog-eat-dog bullying on the schoolyard; hone your skills through combat against the nerds, geeks, and dorkwads, and improve your equipment until you can truly lay claim to the title of King of the Castle, lording over all the Dirty Rascals. Nyeah nyeah nyeah, nanny nanny boo boo.

This juvenile delinquency is simulated through the standard coloured text menus with single-keystroke option selections. Nothing truly twisted elapses (after all, children -- while cruel -- aren't always the most imaginative), and the gentler time that produced this game keeps it out of the troubled territory of, say, Rockstar's Bully.

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