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This follow-on to Arthurian RPG adventure Spirit of Excalibur, Vengeance of Excalibur picks up where the old one ended. While power in Britain has been restored after the death of King Arthur and the destruction of evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay a terrible force has been unleashed. The demonic Shadowmaster, a dark summoning of the slain witch, is terrorizing Britain entrapping the King and stealing the fair court enchantress, Nineve. You must command the knights of the kingdom to find and destroy the vile beast.

The gameplay takes place in seven acts or episodes and features a mix of RPG, adventure, and simple strategy game (for combat) elements. The gameworld itself is rich and diverse (loosely based on medieval Spain) featuring dozens of towns, cities, and castles. Traveling from location to location takes place on an overhead map, while each actual location consists of picturesque hand-painted backdrops depicting the type of environment it is set in. The interface is entirely mouse-driven (although keyboard short-cuts are also present), iconic, and streamlined to make it accessible to inexperienced game players.

This game is the sequel to Spirit of Excalibur. A bit more then a year has passed since the first game has finished and King Constantine is the sovereign sitting in the throne of King Arthur (thanks to you, if you played and finished part one) and the realm of Englande is prosperous and a joyful place to live in.

If all this seems to be too good to be true, it's only because it is! The game opens up with an intro where you are told about a traveler coming to Camelot. King Constantine offers hospitality to this lonely knight, but is thanked for his generosity by betrayal. The good king is stabbed to death and the royal treasury is cleaned out. They took everything - even the Holy Grail! They did not only rob the entire treasury, they even took fair Nineve with them.

Darkness is falling over Englande and Merlin is struggling to the point of exhaustion to keep the evil forces at bay. You must retrieve what has been taken from Camelot and you must retrieve it soon. You and your party will go to Iberia (Spain) where new challenges and dangers await you. May your quest be successful.

At this point you will select your party and be off to Spain. You may import characters from the previous part of the game (but you need to run the install file and select this option there). You will have a choice of 7 to 11 knights to select for your party. Four would be the best choice (refer to the walkthrough which four you should chose).

The gameplay has not changed. You still have this real time RPG game where you need to do several things at once (although I found this game slightly easier to finish - perhaps because I already got used to part one).

The graphics have improved, but I prefer the ones in the previous part (the colors in this game seem too intense for me). Also the sound quality is improved (but the soundtrack itself isn't that good anymore). The interface stayed the same.

All in all I rate this game with a 3. It's a good game that improved technically over its predecessor, but the overall feel of the game is less convincing.

The sequel to Spirit of the Excalibur boasts improvements over its predecessor in every respect: the strategic elements (involving army placement and assigning errands to knights) are more complex, the plot more interesting, and dialogues more concise. This time you can also select any 4 knights of the round table at the very beginning, each of whom has different strengths. Adventure-style puzzles are also more difficult and the combat more realistic. Overall, it's a much better sequel to Spirit of the Excalibur - so much so that you'll likely find this a non-frustrating, enjoyable medieval romp through Camelot. Recommended!

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