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It is the year of our Lord 539 in Arthurian England. Arthur has been killed in battle and consequently his realm is in disarray. You are given the character of Lord Constantine, the Crown Regent, and officially Arthur's successor at the head of the Round Table. Unfortunately, you are currently in York, and your first task is to make your way down to Camelot to take over the helm (excuse the pun). On your way south, you will get the chance to fight a few battles and win over other knights who will join you later, and also pick up a few vital objects and potions Once installed at Camelot. (which is not really difficult to do) you find that Sir Lancelot, the champion of champions is so mortified at Arthur's death that he has gone into hiding and taken with him the greater part of the Round Table knights. Oh dear. To make matters worse, many other knights, kings and powers of the land do not recognise your authority. Oh dear. On top of all this Mordred's sons, in a bid to avenge their father, who, Arthur killed, are hell bent on taking your throne for themselves. So you see there is plenty to keep your interest up here

The game is a good blend of adventure type puzzles and fantasy RPG, richly endorsed with some pretty graphics, which are reputed to take up over 2.5 megabytes of data. The main game is played out over a 16 screen scrolling map of England, which is full of towns, villages, castles, mountains and rivers. The detailed part of the game is at the scene level, where you can explore castles, talk to characters, fight, trade or pick up objects. Strategy is everything here, as marshalling what's left of your knights into multi objective task forces is critical to winning the game. This is made slightly easier by the fact that the game is split into five episodes, which progressively get more difficult to finish. In episode two you have to send out some knights to search for Lancelot, whilst repelling a Saxon invasion of London. Finding Lancie and getting him to London to defeat the Hun is the key here. Part three involves a Giant who besieges Camelot, and Lancie must go on a quest to discover how he can be destroyed. So, you can see that at times you will be commanding many different knights in different places on the map. The grand finale sees you doing battle with the infamous Morgan Le Fay your greatest adversary of all, kill her and you will be just in time for the sequel!

Well done Virgin, who with David Bishop at the adventuring helm are really bringing out some tip top product.

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