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Little People Farm is very colorful, which is good as it is aimed at children. However this game is heaviest on the manure - it is a big pile of crap. Even the most vapid, empty minded child would find this title to no more than five minutes of fun. My two year old clicked about three times, yelled "SHEEP," then ran off to make a mess. She found nothing of interest beyond the first glance at the colorful screens.

Each item on the main screen, barn, silo, chicken, cow, etc. can be clicked on to bring up... wow... four pictures of that same object - one per season. You can click on each item for one - count them - one animation. The only redeeming quality, might be, and I stress might be, that you can print each item. I admit I did not try this option, so I am only guessing that it would print the object in outline form for coloring. That may be useful if you have a child who loves coloring.

The music is just there, not nearly distracting enough to stop you from noticing how lacking and vacant this software is. So then, why in the world would anyone want this abandoned - no forget abandoned, this software was purposely buried in hopes of save future generations - software? If you're like me, then just because you can say you have it, and add one more to the count of software titles you have. Pathetic, isn't it!?


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