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Rage of Mages II: Necromancer is a role-playing game that is short on fun and long on difficulty. Graphically, Rage of Mages II is pedestrian. Movements are not realistic, and the graphics during adventure scenes are quite small. The only interesting aspect of the presentation is the way enemies rot after you slay them.

The sound in Rage of Mages II is average. The effects of arrows flying and swords clashing are good, but the grunts of humans in battle can be annoying. The voice characterizations of each hero and mercenary are done well, but they do not add much to the game.

The action in Rage of Mages II is its biggest disappointment. Reading the manual gives the impression that the player-controlled hero can hire huge bands of mercenaries to fight during each quest. In reality, you'll only be able to hire one or two mercenaries for each mission, getting occasional help from characters who decided to tag along. Traveling in a band of three or four means that a pack of squirrels or a larger band of mages and soldiers can easily defeat you.

While players can choose to be either a mage or a warrior, there is almost no reason to select a mage. Compared to warriors, they are incredibly weak and can be killed quickly in battle. Mages have more magical skills than warriors, but that does not mean much if they die during a quest. Warriors are much better choices during the character selection stage of the game.

When playing Rage of Mages II on each of the three difficulty levels, most will find even the "easy" setting to be very hard. Attempting each quest several times is good practice, but Rage of Mages II is simply a game that is too difficult to be truly enjoyable. There are also some bugs in the game, as characters will tell you to go one way for a quest when it is actually available in the opposite direction.

Although Rage of Mages II has several drawbacks, it also has a few positives. Players can choose to be male or female when selecting a character. The hero can also collect weapons, money, and armor from slain enemies and fallen comrades. Players can then sell these items to buy stronger weapons, armor, and magic, which is a big plus.

Overall, Rage of Mages II: Necromancer is an average game with average graphics and average action. If heroes could hire more mercenaries for quests, the game might become easy enough to be enjoyable. As it is, it is a game that takes too much time to get anywhere.

Graphics: The action graphics are small and poorly drawn while the non-action (useless) graphics are detailed and large.

Sound: Most of the sound is good, especially the voice characterizations. Some battle sounds are exaggerated and can become annoying.

Enjoyment: The game is far too hard to be enjoyable, even on the easiest setting. There are also several mistakes during quests which hinder your success and waste your time.

Replay Value: Although practice does imporve your probability of success, there is no big reason to continue to play this game after you grow tired of it.


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