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Turn your computer into a math tutorial with Math Blaster Plus! Designed to help children learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percents, the game features more than 750 math problems (grouped into 30 stages representing various levels of difficulty) and comes equipped with an editor that lets you create your own equations. Problems can be presented horizontally, vertically, or a mix of the two.

Math Blaster Plus! features a space theme with Blasternaut as its lead character. There are five space-related activities in the program, each designed to build upon the previous one: Countdown, Ignition, Lift-Off, Orbit and the Blasternaut Game, which is an arcade-style game in which you try to get Blasternaut into the rocket that is aimed to the right answer. The other four games involve solving equations by filling in answers and missing numbers and by correcting problems. There is a retake option for use in tackling difficult problems.

This learning program is designed for children ages 6 through 12. For those wanting to keep hard copies of their progress and work, certificates of excellence (for high scores) and student records can be printed out. There is also a test maker option that lets teachers print out tests.

An updated version of the older Math Blaster! educational game. Unlike the previous version, this one's not in BASIC!

Another excellent edutainment title from Davidson & Associates, designed by Jay Davidson himself. The description on MobyGames says it all:

"An updated version of the older Math Blaster! educational game. Unlike the previous version, this one's not in BASIC!

A new GUI greets users, called the "Davidson Student Desktop Interface"- this allows people to switch from one portion of the game to the next without all that nasty typing. The math is broken down into five subjects- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions/decimals/percents. The game itself is broken into 5 activities:

Countdown- a flash-card style "game" with no scoring or timing. A problem, with answer, is shown on screen- upon command, the same problem appears sans answer, and must be answered correctly

Ignition- problems appear, and upon a correct answer, motivational messages and animations pop up. The player has two chances to answer correctly, and receives a scoreboard at the end showing number of problems, number solved, etc. (This scoreboard appears in the next two listed activities)

Lift-off- problems appear, with answer, but missing an internal component (like 2 * _ = 12). Three chances per problem are given to answer correctly. Once again, there are encouraging messages and animations- and a certificate of achievement may be printed out

Orbit- three problems appear on-screen with portions of each in boxes; these boxes may contain errors and need to be changed by the player. Each correct answer earns a star, and the player can attempt to answer twice. This one also can print a certificate of achievement

Blasternaut- the action-oriented math activity- you control a Blasternaut that must get into a rocket aimed at the correct answer to a shown problem. Bonus points are awarded if you can rescue floating Blasternauts- apparently slamming into them with the nosecone of a huge rocket constitutes help

The math problems contained within aren't randomly generated, but are pre-written lessons (which are handily printed in the instruction manuals.) Math Blaster Plus! can be used to create new lessons, can be used in a classroom setting to track individual students' performance, and can print stored lessons as paper-based quizzes/tests for more traditional (and more boring) use."

Definitely one of the best math programs ever made, despite its age. Highly recommended, especially for pre-schoolers.

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