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With an innovative plot and an original cast of alien characters and races, Alien Logic is an unusual role-playing adventure without the normal fare of medieval beasties or dungeon-crawling monster hunts. The story is fresh and the alien environment where it takes place is unique and intriguing. Your character is a young human (the hero) with special Jorune abilities who is faced with the daunting task of freeing his villagers from captivity by ferreting out and defeating the evil Red Shantha. A rich historical background story reveals the past transgressions of Jorune inhabitants and their human counterparts that led to the current state of affairs on the planet.

A major concept in Alien Logic is the use of Isho, a mysterious energy source indigenous to Jorune. Only the native race known as Shantha can harness and exploit all the powers that emanate from Isho but as a rare human mutant, our human hero has the capacity to understand and use some of the Shantha secrets regarding Isho properties. The powers of Isho can be used to create strange abilities and activate glowing spheres of power, called dyshas. These orbs of energy, woven from the seven different colors of Isho, play an important part in the quest, as they are the main source of weaponry in combat and also provide varying degrees of other abilities. Your character will roam the huge Jorune world in search of Isho-bearing crystals and also use a material known as cork to create organic robots used during exploration.

Unfortunately, Alien Logic is not without its problems and flaws. Exactly how to increase your character's abilities through the use of learning and acquiring new dyshas is pretty much left up to you to figure out. The manual provides a general hint that you'll need to visit Weaving World by attending a dysha school, called a kerning-bay, but offers little else. Lack of character control during the side-view movement mode is another shortcoming. This is the area where most actions, such as walking, fighting, and jumping, take place and options are limited to basically moving from screen to screen and firing magic at your enemies. Poor execution in character speech animation is another unnecessary, annoying fault of Alien Logic.

But despite these flaws, Alien Logic contains enough in the way of a rich story, game play, and a spectacular setting to make it enjoyable. Its nonlinear approach will most likely have your character roaming the far reaches for hours on end looking for nonplayer characters to converse with (through a menu-driven system) or cle-eshtas, which are entrances into the WarpWorld transportation system used on Jorune (this is one area you'd be advised to master quickly). Although the story may develop too slowly for many gamers or contain too much seemingly useless exploration or too little interaction, it is nonetheless an interesting one and Alien Logic can be a positive experience.

Graphics: Well developed and imaginative alien game world. Lots of innovative creatures and species to deal with and sharp, clear, colorful artwork that sets the tone for the alien planet Jorune. Less than satisfying animation.

Sound: Good sound effects and adequate, though limited, music.

Enjoyment: There are lots of minor complaints floating around in the game world of Jorune, some frustrating, some just poor planning. But the plus side is buoyed by a terrific plot, fascinating alien cultures, and a nice mix of technical and magical aspects.

Replay Value: Not much here to recommend replaying once you've accomplished the mission.

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