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BodyWorks Voyager is an action game based on the complex racetrack within the human body, with elements of the film Fantastic Voyage thrown in.

You play a miniaturized military space cadet sent into a human body to battle tumors, growths, and harmful germs. You pilot an innerspace craft known as the Tactical Intercellular Module 19 Interceptor through the human body, repairing damage and blasting infections.

But before missions can even begin, you must correctly answer medical questions, adding to the game's educational value. If you have trouble, on-line hints are available. You can earn seven levels of promotion, various medals, and other awards while the game's intensity and difficulty increases. Completing missions and protecting the patient's health are the quickest way to better your rank and earn mroe medals.

The game is easy to play and will appeal to children of all ages. The graphics are rudimentary and simplistic but the speed of gameplay and sound effects will endear this program to many. The thirty-six page instruction booklet is highly entertaining and informative and worth reading in its own right.

The game comes in three skill flavors: Cadet, Veteran, or TopGun, with the medical database quiz intensifying accordingly. The adventure is easy to pick up and, although it becomes somewhat repetitive after a few hours, this game is perfect for dipping into for twenty minutes or so at a time.

Graphics: Simple but effective.

Sound: Loud, arcade quality.

Enjoyment: Easy to pick up, fun and educational.

Replay Value: Best taken in small hourly doses.

The end of the 21st century is nearing; despite phenomenal gains in technology, humanity is still plagued by infectious diseases. In fact things are much worse than ever before. Many new strains of infection and disease begin to appear in the late 20th century that were highly resistant to conventional medicine. These infections manifested themselves as normal symptoms of common ailments but they quickly multiplied and changed. A common cold or a simple scratch could become life threatening in a matter of hours...

Bodyworks Voyager: Missions in Anatomy is an educational game and a shoot-em-up. Players go through a course learning the basics of human anatomy and test their combat skills against various infections.

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