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Putt-Putt Travels Through Time is probably the best of the Putt-Putt line of graphic adventures for kids. It features four distinct worlds to explore, including Putt-Putt's own present time, and the puzzles are challenging and stimulating for young kids just learning how to problem solve and make predictions.

Through the wild West to the far-out future to a medieval kingdom and back into the age of dinosaurs Putt-Putt travels in search of his dog Pep, his calculator, his lunch box, and his history report. Each item turns up in a different place each time the child plays, and travelling between the worlds is the key to finding the items which are needed to exchange for other items in order to get back the missing posessions. Some of it is simple trading based on clues given by the characters, but other times kids must figure out how to perform a task, such as getting a dinosaur who to move in order to get the item he's blocking.

As with all the Humongous Junior Adventures games, just about every character encountered is of the same species as the protagonist. In this game, they're all cars or variations on the, with the exception of the dinosaurs, of course. In the Middle Ages, they're all chariots and wagons, and in the old West they're stagecoaches and the like. And like in all of the company's games, there are plenty of hot spots to discover, most of which yield two or three different results.

The game claims to be different each time the child plays, but the reality is that Putt-Putt's missing items merely change locations, and the pattern of item trading tends to be pretty obvious by the second or third trip through the game. Because of this, kids probably won't be as into it long-term, but it should take them a while to master it before it gets put aside (and in this regard, it's really no different from any other graphic adventure game, from Doom to Myst; once you've solved it, you're done).

Graphics: As always, well done and highly creative.

Sound: The characters have distinct voices, which is a big bonus.

Enjoyment: Lots of fun for the average kid.

Replay Value: Long-term, kids probably won't be too interested after they win it 2 or 3 times, but it should take at least a few sittings to conquer it the first time through.

Putt Putt goes to visit his friend Mr. Firebird and show him his new school supplies before Putt Putt goes to school. Putting a nickel into Mr. Firebirds time machine, turns the machine on sucking Pep and Putt Putt's school supplies into four dimensions of the past and the future.

You and Putt Putt have to travel into the Time of the Dinosaurs, the Medieval times, the Wild West and the future, so Putt Putt can be reunited with his things. Along the way you must collect items that you will need to get your things back, meet some new friends and solve difficult puzzles.

Some friends you will meet are Mr. Brachiosaurus, Silverado Sam, King Chariot and Darien the librarian and some needed items are a stone bowl, fire wood, a rope and some custom made pet food.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (198 MB).


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