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End of Twilight is a mystical game that takes place on earth during the time of fallen gods, who are collecting strength to get back to heaven. Without any spoilers the plot will conclude with more than one huge surprise. End of Twilight is the story of Eric, a strong and funny Viking that will cross his path with that of divinities in the ultimate hope to bring peace back. All in all it's your average plot, though characters and the plot itself are really well drawn and you will keep playing even when stuck in hard times just to know what waits for Eric on next level. Presentation of the game is not astonishing, and it doesn't take too long to load the levels.

The Graphics:

Impressive, graphics are astounding, there is no other feature that helps the game in its trip to your mind more than the graphics. There some nice curvature effect that will make the world looks like a real planet seen miles away (the sort of pictures NASA brings to us, poor humans). Still the islands (gameplay areas) are small and you will be able to see the bottom and the boundaries of them, with wonderful effects such as downfalls bordering the very end of a river. There's still a lot good to be said about graphics engine, other than giving a nice overview of the world there was a particular attention to details, so you will be absorbed by gripping fire effects, huge clouds surrounding the islands. Even the lighting system is astonishing, although the game gives the impression to be way too dark on some levels, but stuff like the lighthouse floating light let alone the game being worth a look. The comics-alike talk uses a really cheap font being one of the few issues I have against the game graphically speaking.

The Sounds / Music:

The sounds are appropriate, although having no real action there will be no 16 sound channels each one with a different sound being played, sounds will just go along with your moves, fighting or walking that is. Speech instead is well orchestrated and each character will shove its own personality, monsters, Odin and Fenrir included.

Music was really wisely chosen, it will accompany the game and add some rhythm to it, although it does never get on your nerves, being not repetitive nor overrun.

The Gameplay:

The hearth of the game and the only thing that will not get an high rank, the gameplay is x-com alike, turn based fighting and thinking, though there are not that many puzzles and the game lasts only 12 levels. End of Twilight consists of turn based strategy, on each move you have some "walk points" and 1 (or 2 later on) attacks, you will have to avoid being beat and slap the enemies as well on a single turn. You will have to try each level more than one time and personally I found out the latter levels to be funnier than the first ones, especially the very last one that, although being not that hard, shows huge potential driving the game into a chess-alike strategy genre. I would really like to see such an engine as the combat mechanism of an RPG like Grandia 2 or Golden Sun, at least for final level monsters, not for random encounters of course, or the game would really take ages. After the fun of some real moving and fighting strategy I feel ashamed to get back to the flat combat method of Golden Sun (I'm playing that as well). The islands, although really well drawn, are pretty small. But still due to the game engine, it will take you ages to travel them side to side, and being killed will lead to a start from beginning accompanied by a lot of bad words (at least that's my case), there is no save feature, completing a level will unlock the next one, you will get stuck pretty easily.


End of Twilight is a well done game, sounds and graphics are over the average by a good amount of thumbs, whilst the game is what they want it to be, a turn based RPG, like it or not, that's your choice. I don't see such a genre of game being a lot better than this. Last level of End of Twilight will stay in my mind for a bit, as a good example of strategy fighting engine, though the game did not use such idea enough, they could even make a battle construction set out of it, but chose to have a short, well defined linear game.


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