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It's a mid-'80s battle for money and power and the underworld war is spilling over into the city streets. Rival mobs are behind the conflict and the casualties are rising. As "the family's" top hit man, players travel to Las Vegas, Rome, and Chicago to fulfill numerous first-person missions of espionage and violence. Use skill, luck, and heartless efficiency to solve the mystery and bring the deadly mob feud to a decisive conclusion.

Sniper: Path of Vengeance is a first-person-shooter/role-playing game that puts you in control of a gun-for-hire known only as the Sniper. The content is definitely not geared toward young children; it's more of an adult's game, for several reasons. Blood explodes out of enemy bodies and is spattered all over the walls, there is cursing during some of the dialog segments, and the grittiness of the real world is simulated by including a prostitute as a Non-Player Character that you can interact with. There's this big guy with a mustache and an umbrella; he's your contact man and supplies you with your first weapon, a scoped sniper rifle. Your first mission is to eliminate a mob snitch and the armed officers that escort him. Big guy gives you information regarding your first mission but also betrays you.

After successfully completing the first mission, you will be apprehended by police. The rest of the game proceeds consistent with the title, Path of Vengeance. You must break out of jail, killing piles of corrections officers and collecting cool new weapons and valuable experience along the way.

Experience improves proficiency with the disparate weapons available including handguns, shotgun, sub-machine guns, grenades, etc.

Breaking out of jail is only a stepping stone on your path to vengeance. You'll find yourself battling gangs of street thugs through drizzly streets and against professional bodyguards in a high-security mansion, and of course, lots of cops.

The graphics in this game are very pleasing. Gamers always want more and I'm no exception. But in Sniper, the graphics are smooth and quite convincing. The game screen is not cluttered with useless information bars, maps, or symbols. Equipment, personal attribute, and experience screens can be called up with a single keystroke.

The interface is very similar to other first-person-shooters with command keys for moving forward, backward, strafing to the side, and line-of-sight controlled by the mouse, think Jedi Outcast. In fact, even some of the voice talent sounds similar.

Gameplay is fairly smooth but because this is the first version, I noticed several glitches that would vary from accidental slow-motion segments to complete interruption, sending me back to Windows. There is already a patch available so it seems like the guys at Xicat have it under control. Overall, I think that they are on the right track with Sniper. But they need to do a better job of polishing their work off so that guys like me don't have anything to complain about.

Is it fun? Oh yes. But the load times seem intolerably long. Fortunately you won't remember once you begin blasting guys left and right, mowing people down with an Ingram Mac-11 or picking them off from 200 yards with your sniper rifle. So enjoy this one, just don't take it too seriously.


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