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Featuring elements of role-playing, strategy, and action-adventure, Space Rangers 2 allows players to do essentially whatever they want. As they travel across the galaxy trading, plundering, defending, and exploring, players will eventually fight the Dominators, robots set on overtaking every planet. Players begin by choosing one of five races and one of five occupations, which influence their starting ship's class. Upgrading the ship as soon as possible is essential to stop the Dominators and to keep pirates at bay.

Viewed from an overhead perspective, turn-based space travel represents a large portion of the game. The action automatically pauses whenever the player is attacked. During battle, users can manually control their ship or let the computer take over. Throughout the space travel phase, players will experience a dynamic universe. Players can hail passing ships and ask for help in defeating rival vessels, or they can threaten to destroy ships if they don't pay a specific number of credits or currency.

Credits can be obtained through a number of ways. The best way is by undertaking missions for a planet's government, but not all of the missions are fun. There are standard escort and defend missions that often last too long. Finding a ship that needs help isn't always easy, either. The transport mission type involves delivering cargo to a specific destination by the deadline, which is more work than entertainment. Sadly, completing these mission types is often necessary to advance.

Some of the best missions, surprisingly enough, are text based. One such mission has players attempting to create the "ultimate pizza." Aspiring chefs choose from a multitude of ingredients while trying to impress five judges. Each judge's likes and dislikes are based on race, so players must balance each ingredient type accordingly. One of the more entertaining text-based sequences is in prison. While incarcerated, players can read at the library, go to the gym, work, gamble, raise a cockroach for racing, perform at amateur's night, and much more.

Space Rangers 2 also features overhead shooter sequences and real-time robot battles on planet surfaces. The latter phase involves taking control of specific territory guarded by turrets. After selecting what parts to use on each robot they build, players can take control of a unit from either a third-person or a first-person perspective. In the end, the game's diversity is one of its biggest selling points. Space Rangers 2 is a unique release that has enough features to keep players entertained for a long time.

Graphics: The game has basic visuals, with the planetary battles being the only 3D features. The background artwork during space travel is attractive.

Sound: Weapons and explosions sound simplistic. The game doesn't include any dialog, just lots of text when interacting with other characters.

Enjoyment: Space Rangers 2 offers a great deal of variety, with the text-based missions standing out as one of the best elements. There is also a fair amount of humor found throughout the adventure.

Replay Value: There aren't enough differences between races and occupations to entice players to try them all, but there are plenty of things to do with just one character.


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