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Saving humanity is the order of the day in Space Siege, but in the course of fending off a devastating and mysterious alien species, players must also confront the reality of what it means to be human. Space Siege combines elements of creative director Chris Taylor's critically lauded catalog, featuring the combat-heavy action RPG gameplay of the Dungeon Siege series and the outer space setting of Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, while also throwing in the moral conundrums of games like Mass Effect and BioShock for good measure.

A massive alien assault on Earth leaves humans scrambling to flee into outer space aboard five evacuation ships, but only one vessel is able to avoid destruction. Gamers take on the role of Seth Walker, a combat engineer on the lone remaining ship, as he uses tactical combat, futuristic weapons, and a customizable robotic partner to battle the alien menace. Players can help Walker outsmart alien combatants by ducking behind cover and setting up ambushes, and the HR-V robot companion can be outfitted with armor and weapons to help carry out tactical maneuvers and special combo attacks. The moral dilemmas come into play when gamers must choose whether to outfit Walker with cybernetic upgrades that make him stronger but less human, or stay mortal and use inferior weaponry to fend off the aliens.

Much of the character-building RPG elements of Space Siege relate to the decisions players make with regard to cybernetic upgrades, and these choices alter the path gamers take as they journey throughout the massive ship. The single-player campaign also introduces players to dozens of characters, each with unique histories and personalities. Space Siege also features a separate, mission-based multiplayer campaign designed specifically for cooperative online play by a group of up to four.


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