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Players engage in post-apocalyptic exploration and turn-based party combat in this single-player escapade from the makers of the Age of Sail series. Designed in the isometric RPG style of Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and similar "Infinity Engine"-styled classics, Metal Heart has players guiding a team of up to six adventurers through the unwelcoming wilderness and wastelands of an alien planet. Their cargo ship damaged in an asteroid field, Captain Lathan and his co-pilot Cheris are forced to crash-land on the remote planet of Protion. As they begin to search for a way home, they realize that they are not alone. Protion is inhabited by humans, cyborgs, and mutants, most of whom were brought to the planet to work as slaves in secret mining colonies. Since the mining colonies run the only ships capable of leaving the planet, Lathan and Cheris must infiltrate the organization and find allies among the oppressed.


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