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Children join Ms. Frizzle and her class as they field-trip to the Walkerville Air Show. Upon arrival, children explore to find four multi-level games, two interactive experiments, two creative activities, three short videos, and loads of interesting facts - all focusing on flight, animals that can fly, and aviation.

The games come in many formats including puzzles, a game-show that tests knowledge, and two arcade-style games in which children either drive a fire-fighting plane or a hot-air balloon. The arcade games are fun but are not very educational.

In one of the experiments, children explore the effects of thrust, lift, and drag by designing their own plane. They are challenged to see if they can make their plane fly while carrying a specific load.

Many things contribute to making this a good title. The Magic School Bus characters (Ms. Frizzle, Arnold, Keesha, Ralphie, etc) are the ones sharing knowledge, and they do it in a manner that keeps children interested. All the games come with three levels of difficulty and are fun to play. The dialogue is even available in closed captions.

This is a field trip worth joining because you will be flying high - literally.


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