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Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time may be based on Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego, but reall, the only thing they have in common is the fact that each used a Chronoskimmer and each involved Carmen's gang of crooks stealing historical objects from all over the world. Everything else has changed.

The new game interface is almost entirely graphic, more like an adventure game, and instead of chasing crooks from time period to time period, you are stuck in a single time period. Add to that the good guides first introduced in the new version of "Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego", and it seems like an entirely different game!

Also gone is the time limit to catch the crook. Now, you simply stay in that time until all pieces of the note are found, and the crook is caught. You must still interview people, but now it is to find out what the trouble is and how you can help rather than where the crook was headed.

Because of the switch to a primarily graphics-based game, it now comes on two CD's. Cases 1 through 9 are on the first CD, and cases 10-20 are on the second. The graphics here are really nice, if a bit goofy, and the voices don't always match up to the mouth movements, but both of those are truly forgettable when it comes to the overall game.

The game is not exceptionally difficult, but it is challenging, and some hints are included with the manual. More hints can be found at the website, as well as complete solutions to all the puzzles in the game.

If you want your kids to learn more about history, or just to become interested in history, this game is a great way to spark their interest. It also makes a great step up from Dorling Kindersley's My First Amazing History Explorer.

Graphics: Really nice, if slightly goofy at times.

Sound: Doesn't always match up with the facial movements of the characters in the time vortex scenes.

Enjoyment: Extremely enjoyable. Plays like an adventure game rather than an educational game.

Replay Value: Players will get a lot of reply out of all the different cases, but once they have solved the game, there is little reason to replay.


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