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If you enjoy anything to do with Star Wars fan to purchase this program. There are four short videos, all of which take place on Tatooine. One is black and white and features Luke standing in the desert, while two others primarily feature conversations between Luke and Biggs Darklighter, the future Jedi's best friend. Rounding out the lost footage is the Mos Eisley cantina scene, which features Han Solo with a woman at his table whom he kisses (the only real difference from what you see in the movie version).

Star Wars: Behind the Magic is excellent and should be owned by everyone who enjoys the

Graphics: Lots of video footage. Great images and 3D ship models.

Sound: Includes music from the movies and very clear audio.

Enjoyment: Not a lot to interact with, but every fan will enjoy the amount of information and the video footage that was cut from the movies.

Replay Value:


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