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Blinky Bill And The Magician is single player educational title for ages 3 - 8.

Blinky Bill a cartoon character who originated in Australia who's been around since the 1930's. He's featured in comics, an animated movie, a couple of TV series' as well as computer games. This title is based on a televised program from the series 'The Adventures Of Blinky Bill'.

It is an educational title and as such features a bright colourful main menu in the form of a stage with lots of pieces of magicians equipment on it. Clicking on some items triggers a piece of animation while others trigger a mini game. The hotspots on the main stage are The Magic Book: This takes the player to the story book page. The comic book like story can either be read by the player or it can be read to them. The pictures in the story have hotspots within then that trigger short animations. The Scarf Box: This launches a mini game of colour recognition The Paint Box: This gives the player the option to create their own pictures on-screen. The Globe: The player searches for thumbnail pictures of things that happen in nature, from rainbows to cyclones, and when selected they are presented with the full sized image and hear a short description. There's also a ball labelled WWW which is a link to the Blinky Bill Clubhouse, a web site that, at the time of writing (2013), is no longer running. The Crystal Ball: This takes the player to a screen with an assortment of simple games involving recognising numbers, colours, animals and words, and simple arithmetic The Blue Box: Triggers a maze game where the object is to help Blinky find his swag bag.

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