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Join Rayman in his quest to recover the Book of Knowledge which has been stolen by the evil Mr. Dark. The gameplay of the original Rayman game is still present but kids from ages 6-10 must also read, count and spell as Rayman battles his way through the landscapes.

As you guide Rayman around the platforms, you jump to different platform levels and can grab ledges or spin his ears to fly if you miss a landing. He must throw his fists at enemies and grab rings for bonus. The Magician will guide you as to what you must do in each level such as follow a path that has a correctly spelled word and go left or right depending if it's spelled right or wrong. In other cases you may choose a word that rhymes, calculate a mathematical sum or step on a number. Math activities include counting, adding, subtracting, comparisons, and place values; while Reading Exercises cover spelling, phonics, word recognition, and word classification. The three knowledge adventures consists of: 12 activities, 180 game-play levels, 6 unique worlds, and 50 different characters.

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