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This colorful interactive storybook was designed for girls aged 7-12 but can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Two little girls, Lily and June Bugg, explore the small town of Cortland, Ohio with narration by National Public Radio's David Sedaris. You can click anywhere on the map of the town to explore buildings, houses and roads. The girls eat too much chop suey at the Ping Ping Palace then daydream while staring at the clouds which turn into different shapes. You use the mouse to explore all areas of the screen. When everything has been looked at, the cursor will turn into a moon shape. Follow the pointing finger to yet another activity. You can also visit your favorite aunt's bedroom with the black dog Mud Pup and try on her clothes and makeup where items tell of her past life as a Rockette on Broadway. The girls pretend they are angels and fly to New York. You can also visit the room of Aunt Vera's son Dooner who has grafitti on the walls, a diary you can read, and magazines and records spread throughout. You can also go on a picnic with Aunt Vera and her boyfriend Ned. They also visit a Bingo Hall where the game can be played. They visit Madame Mystery, a fortune teller, who can answer yes-or-no questions. Visiting a carnival will allow you to play various games like Dunk The Clown, and Games Of Luck while at the Big Top you can see Queen Kong and the Mutant Creatures Side Show.

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