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Explore the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel in ways never before possible with this special interactive CD-ROM edition. The Complete MAUS combines Volumes I and II with sketches, video, and supplementary documents to give the reader a unique look at this moving work. When it first appeared in 1986, MAUS, Art Spiegleman's memoir of his father's experiences during the Holocaust, was hailed as a powerful work of history. It represented a new level of maturity for a century-old art form; namely comix, which to that point had mostly been a medium for superhero fantasies and funny animal stories. With the appearance of MAUS, the point was made simply and clearly that a comixture of words and pictures could be used to portray any subject matter 0 even one so fare removed from the traditional comix subject matter as the genocide and persecution of Polish and German Jews during the years surrounding the Second World War. The Complete MAUS CD-ROM grants the user unprecedented access to the historical and structural details behind the finished book. The pages of MAUS are linked to preliminary sketches, alternate drafts, archival photographs, and drawings made by prisoners and audio from the interviews between Art Spiegelman and his father that were the basis for the narrative. In addition, there is QuickTime video and audio of Art Spiegelman discussing the making of MAUS, and critical commentary on the form, ideas, and history behind this powerful, groundbreaking work.

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