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This lets you relive all your favorite scenes from Disney's highly acclaimed animated film. Designed for children between the ages of three and eight, the storybook features 18-pages of interactive story-telling artwork, text and voice acting; text is highlighted as the narrator pronounces each word. Scenes are interactive in that you click on various icons and characters located on the screen. In addition to the storybook, there are a few skill-building games included. In the Pouncing Game, you help Simba improve his pouncing skills by having the young lion follow a butterfly. You point and click on the butterfly as it moves through the screen and Simba follows along. Watch out for Zazu - you can either hide from this critter or pounce on it if you're close enough. Connect the Stars centers on joining sequences of stars while creating various pictures. Once you finish outlining a constellation, it fades away; time to design a new one! You'll design characters from The Lion King and other animals from Africa as well. Finally, Bug Catching lets you squash and collect various bugs for the ever-hungry Timon. After catching a bug, he'll add it to the dinner plate - after catching eight bugs, you receive a special award. There are three speed levels with bugs moving slowly on the first setting and progressively faster on the next two. It also features sidebars with character-based icons. There's an Action Dictionary for younger readers that defines complicated words using character animation. Will Simba reign over the Pride Lands? More importantly, will he ever defeat his arch-nemesis Scar? Turn the page of your storybook and find out!

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