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This CD-ROM application allows people to create their own Saturday morning cartoons. The character Felix the Cat was licensed from Felix the Cat Productions. The characters were based on the 1950s version of Felix with The Professor, Rock Bottom, Poindexter, Master Cylinder and Vavoom. These are cartoons that show the full extent of how the program functions with a finished product. One is semi-finished, as it is used by the manual as a tutorial to instruct the user on the use of the program. Once the mini-toons are viewed, the only thing left is to create your own cartoon. To accomplish this, many, many tools are given, along with quite a few scenery areas and props. Picture it as a movie studio, ala Roger Rabbit's Toon Town, on CD and you are the writer, director, producer and script writer. One is only limited by the imagination of the user. That is one of the strongest points that this program has going for it. Children should be creating as they learn, directing the action, determining what the next step should be.

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