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An interactive musical adventure. Like unwrapping a present, the magic of Wonder Movies lies in the surprise of discovery...

Interactive Movie-Children interact with animated characters, control the flow of the storyline, and use decision-making skills as they encounter extraordinary situations.

Music Entertainment-Kids will love groovin' with ELVIS, Santa's rockin' reindeer, and delight in "bouncing-ball" sing-alongs of their favorite Christmas tunes.

Digital Camera/Photo Album-As children navigate their way around the globe, they can use Santa's on-board digital camera to take pictures for their Wonder Movies photo album.

Card Maker/Paint Program-Have hours of fun creating greeting cards and postcards for family and friends with the Wonder Movies paint and print program.

Electronic Library-The wonderful world of discovery continues long after children return from their journey...and long after Christmas. There's an entire library of bedtime stories for children to listen to and read-along.

Games-Play "Simon Says" with the kids of Jamaica. Catch money thrown from the windows of a New York City apartment. Stop the caterpillars on the controls of Santa's sleigh from turning into butterflies and flying away. Plus much, much, more...

Children will have hours of interactive fun on a music-filled fantasy trip around the world when they make off with Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

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