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The object of Gus Goes to Cybertown is simple. Hidden in the four stores and the park of Cybertown are 15 CyberBuds (three in each location). Players must find all 15 to see the final "mystery" screen and hear the CyberBuds' song. Young children will really enjoy this game, due in part to the hidden games within. Players can click on the objects in each store to reveal an amusing animation, one of the CyberBuds or a game.

When the CyberBuds appear, they will often give the player an interesting tidbit of information about one of the items in the shop or on the screen. The games are simple and teach things such as the letters of the alphabet, simple words, counting games, spelling, shapes and letters.

Once players have found all 15 CyberBuds, the game is over and they cannot explore any more. They are immediately informed when they have found all 15 CyberBuds and taken to the "hidden" ending screen. There, the CyberBuds and some color-changing children, plus the dog Gus, sing the CyberBuds song. There is also a button on this screen that will allow children to play the game once more.

This is a good, simple game for young children who will enjoy playing repeatedly. It is not so good for older children, who may be bored or find the CyberBud song annoying.

One of the more interesting areas of play is the park that shows "The Ages of Gus." Clicking on objects in the play area shows typical animals and dwellings from different time periods as well as fashions on Gus. This game is more about searching than education but will manage to teach kids considerable other skills as well.

Graphics: Kind of crude but forgivable.

Sound: Okay but really nothing to write home about.

Enjoyment: Young kids will love it, as it is simple and fun, but older kids will snicker.

Replay Value: Younger kids will get a lot of play out of it.

This educational game is aimed at kids under eight. You are playing as the dog Gus who searches the town after his 15 "CyberBuds".

The town consists of four houses and one park. In every house you encounter a puzzle-based educational game. This includes a spelling game, and game where you have to recognize letters to avoid asteroids. Also you have to count the bubbles in an aquarium or recognize and match shapes. In the park you can see typical clothes and items from different timelines starting at the neanderthals up to spacemen. There are also a few songs included.

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