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Spy Fox in Dry Cereal is probably my favorite of the Humongous Entertainment games which I've played. Not only is it very well-suited for kids between the ages of 5 and 10 (although kids on the younger end of the scale might have a hard time with it), but the developers slipped a lot of sly stuff in there which adults will laugh at. For example, Spy Fox uses a tracking bug planted in Russian Blue's purse to trail her to her hideout, which will lead him in turn to William the Kid's headquarters. The bug is a real bug, and when he contacts Spy Fox he does so as if he's a reporter who sounds suspiciously like Walter Cronkite. Later, there is a reference to a painting called "American Goatic" (it depicts a goat couple instead of a farmer and his wife), and the president who congratulates Spy Fox for a job well done at the end is a dead ringer for Bill Clinton.

This won't matter much to kids, although I suspect some of them will have a hard time with the "American Gothic" reference and will have to ask their parents for help (I was playing with my official 7-year-old playtester when he came to this point in the game, so it wound up not being an issue). That's pretty inconsequential, though, especially when you realize how appealing this game is. Spy Fox has all sorts of gadgets at his disposal, and he's basically a kiddie version of James Bond, someone who kids will probably learn more about as they get older. The puzzles are hard but not impossible, and a lot of creativity went into them. For example, the way you use the piece of bread you find in someone's abandoned lunch on Kid's blimp at the end is an inspired bit.

The game really teaches kids to think creatively and use all their thinking skills as they navigate Spy Fox through each screen. The use of talk balloons, a new tool which was apparently developed by Humongous for this game, allows for a higher degree of interaction with other characters than in previous games from the company, and kids can alter how those characters act based on what they've already accomplished in the game. The multiple game paths available also give the game a unique experience each time it's played, although those can eventually be exhausted; the range of places and people available isn't so big that it can make each game truly unique, but it does allow for multiple games.

Overall, this is a great game for kids, and the best part of it is that adults will enjoy playing it with them.

Graphics: Nice graphics. They move very well on a Pentium system, as well as any cartoon.

Sound: Excellent. Lots of fun sound effects. The character voices are very well done.

Enjoyment: This will hook kids and adults.

Replay Value: Once it's been solved a couple times it will start to lose its appeal, but that will take a while.

The evil Goat William the Kid is trying to get rid of all milk by flooding the capitol of Washington D.C by pouring a whole lot of milk on it. Who can stop this ghastly goat? Fox, SPY Fox sent by SPY CORPS.

You travel to one of the Greek Islands to solve puzzles and find a way to stop William the Kid with the help of Monkey Penney, Quack and Mr. Uterley the owner of A Malgomated MOO Juice company. With the help of Spy Gadgets given to you by Quack such as the Laser Toothbrush, Spy Nickel and Suction cuff links, you will discover secrets and find a good way to stop William the kids plans for flooding the capitol.

Each game has a different type of gameplay with different gadgets to use. There is a save and load system, and entertainment options from Spy Fox's Spy Watch.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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