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Making music is a mere mouse-click away in Kid Riffs from IBM. From inside the colorful "Instrument Inn," children can experiment with various sounds from over 100 instruments, learn about scales, and explore rhythms, intervals, and tempos. Young audiences will create melodies on an interactive keyboard, record music, listen to prerecorded tunes, and discover music theory.

Think you have budding virtuosos under your roof? By all means, put them in front of a computer and have them play with Kid Riffs. This is a fun, hands-on music program designed to teach the basics of musical composition and performance. The disc sports a building metaphor in which different musical concepts are taught. You can try out more than 1200 different instruments in the Instrument Inn, or explore musical scales in the Scale Shack. The Rhythm Room presents the meaning of rhythm and how measure affects it, and you can add special effects and musical progressions to your tunes in the Mirror Mansion. All paths lead to the Concert Castle, where you can show off your new-found knowledge by producing tunes in a five-track recording studio.

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