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Klik & Play is an innovative game. Maybe it is not really a game but you can create and play games with it. At more than 200 pages the manual is enormous. A quick-start guide is provided to get you started. The complete manual won't be needed until you begin to create more complex games. For beginners it is best to use the guide to learn the basics of Klik & Play.

A lot of cool pictures come with the software; pirates, space vehicles, vegetation, buildings, and so much more. With the included materials the possible number of games that can be created is almost limitless. With the ability to add your own images the number of games that can be created does become infinite. Games can be created for 1-4 players. They can be as simple as matching games or as complex as you want to make them. While you do not need to understand computer programming, it will certainly help if you plan on importing your own files.

The graphics are not ground breaking but the characters and backgrounds are all drawn well. Of course adding your own files will provide completely different graphics. The same can be said of the sounds. Enough above average sounds are included but adding your own will add a whole new dimension. Klik & Play is for everyone who has ever been interested in making games. There are a lot of commands and a large manual but it is not too difficult to learn each command over a period of time.

Graphics: Varies depending on what images are used in your games.

Sound: Depends on what sounds you select or add to the program.

Enjoyment: Fun to create and even more fun if you can create good games.

Replay Value: You can create as many games as you like.

Klik & Play is a games creation package that enables games to be created easily without any programming knowledge whatsoever.

The product comes with ten games that are both playable and available, customisation, and for use as example programs for developers to learn from. These games are: Gracillis VThis is an arcade space shooter. The player has five lives and must shoot as many alien ships as possible. Hungry HedgehogsThis is a two player math game. Simple math questions are displayed and the player must select a combination of numbered hedgehogs that will add up to the same answer as the sum displayed. Each correct answer moves the player's hedgehog along the bottom of the screen and the first to complete the trip gets to eat a juicy worm. Klik & Play Card game This is a version of the classic card game known as Memory in the UK and Concentration in the USA. A number of cards are placed face down in the lay area and the player must find the matching pairs. Music Madness!

This game allows the player top record a simple tune and play it back. Racing LineThis is a two player top-down racing game. There are four tracks and the action keys can be redefined Reversi The classic board game where players take turns to place a black or white tile. By placing the tile strategically a player can win an opponents tiles. The player with the most tiles of their colour on the board when all positions are occupied wins the game Romeo This is a puzzle game. The Pie Devil has kidnapped Juliette and Romeo must rescue her. This involves climbing ladders, collecting keys etc. All the while the player must avoid the pies that the Pie Devil is throwing at him. If he's hit, Romeo must eat the pie which makes him too fat to climb ladders any more so, at the cost of a life, he's replaced with a slimmer version with which the player can attempt the puzzle again. Slot Machine This is a basic slot machine game. The player starts with 1.50 and plays at 0.10p per spin. There is no feature win in this game The Face Game This is a "Simon says" memory game in which the player has to repeat a progressively more complex sequence Toyland In this game, which is similar in style to Breakout, the player must keep a ball in play until all toys have been knocked from the shelves.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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