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Madeline Rainy Day Activities gives young players over 100 activities to while away the time during rainy days. Games, puzzles, and stories are all included, and children will have the opportunity to interact with Madeline.

It's raining mightily outside. No bother, because Madeline has a number of activities and games for you two to participate in. Her room is packed with things to do. Just click around the room to start playing. The activities include: Brainteaser: Given a picture comprised of shapes, recreate the same picture by manipulating a set of shapes. Connect The Dots: This is a series of connect the dot puzzles. The player can choose different colors with which to draw the lines that connect the lines. Matching Game: This is a variation of the common card matching memory game. However, in this game, one card has an animal and its match elsewhere on the table is an audio clue that plays the sound that the animal makes. The game is configurable with 3 skill levels which puts either 8, 12, or 16 cards into play. Dress-up: This activity allows you to accessorize Madeline's friends and even her dog with jewelry, glasses, etc. You can also print the final product. Madeline's Trivia: In this game, Madeline asks you a question and shows you 4 pictures. Select the correct answer from among the pictures presented. Coloring Book, Masks, Door Signs, Finish The Picture: All of these activities put the player into a drawing program that allows the for selecting among a variety of pictures (the theme of the picture set is different for each activity). The drawing program allows the player to paint thin or broad lines, fill areas with solid colors or patterns, erase, reset, undo the last action, and print the picture. A Day In The Park, A Change Of Heart, A Candy Shop Story, The Arts Class Story, Library Story: All of these activities allow the user to fill in blanks in several short stories by selecting various nouns and adjectives from a given list. The player can print the story. Print Activity: The game also has a wide variety of activities for the player to enjoy offline. Categories of activities include: games & puzzles, paper dolls, cards & stickers, science, word games, and arts & crafts.

Madeline's Rainy Day Activities can be played in either English or French.

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