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Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley, an adventure/puzzle game for the younger set, requires dressing up Mr. Potato Head to overcome many obstacles in the game. You have to collect items to overcome major obstacles and eventually bring a rain cloud back to Veggie Valley to save the harvest from drying out and being ruined!

The adventure begins in Veggie Valley itself where Sweet Potato, Mr. Potato Head's daughter, carries a backpack used to store items for later use. Additionally, nearly every screen can be searched (via mouse clicks) to see amusing animations ranging from singing vegetables to popping popcorn.

There are three main objectives in the game. The first is to reach the fair by using the face maker and collecting items along the path to adventure. After arriving, you play the games at the fair and collect items from the fairgrounds in order to lasso the rain cloud and take it back to Veggie Valley. Finally, once there, you have to make the cloud laugh to bring on the rain. No matter how many times the game is played, though, the adventure locations and solutions to puzzles remain the same.

In addition to playing the adventure, you can opt instead to play only the fairground games: Counting Pinball, Match and Catch Fishing and the Funny Photo Booth.

Animations are cute and reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons. The Make a Face feature is one of the best aspects of the entire game with the number of faces that can be made very nearly endless. Many facial parts and options are provided including shoes, hair and eyes (among others) as well as accessories. The option to print the creations when finished is a nice touch.

The game is fairly simple and very easy to learn. However, an adult might want to sit with the child or children to give them gentle suggestions or outright help if needed. Each puzzle and its location in the game is shown in the manual along with helpful suggestions, hints and help features, making a tidy package for parents.

The manual also gives directions on how to find many of the animations seen during gameplay. In addition to the manual, Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley includes a save function with up to twelve save slots. The game runs smoothly with no hesitation, freezing or crashing.

The game is very amusing and one which young children will enjoy very much. Between the adventure/puzzle game aspects and the coloring game/art of making up funny faces for Mr. Potato Head and Sweet Potato, youngsters will get many hours of enjoyment out of the game and many funny pictures as well. If your child wants to play something a bit harder and more complex than a basic educational game or simply wants to have fun, this a good game to add to your library.

Graphics: The character animations are cute and the incidental animations are fun to find and watch.

Sound: All the characters are easy to hear though the sound is occasionally a bit loud.

Enjoyment: Kids will enjoy the game a lot and give you a run for your money in printer cartridges when they start printing out all the Mr. Potato Head faces.

Replay Value: Players can replay the entire adventure or just the fairground games. Either one gives plenty of additional chances for extra fun.

Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley is a short educational adventure game with point-and-click controls. Veggie Valley has been beset by a terrible drought lately. Even more bad luck arrives as ominous clouds threaten the Country Fair. Mr. Potato Head and his daughter, Sweet Potato, decide to take matters into their own hands, save the fair and bring the clouds to Veggie Valley instead. The player controls both of them as they make their way across the valley, solve puzzles and visit the fair's many attractions.

The game is intended for pre-school kids (less than 7 years) and has relatively simple puzzles. They consist mostly of gathering items in the inventory and using them on other objects from the world. Disguising the two potatoes represents an important element as well. Using the in-game editor, you can replace the eyes, nose, ears, shoes, mouth, add a clown wig, and so on. There are several mini games at the local fair, three of which (called Midway Games) can be accessed directly from the main menu: Funny Photo Booth, Counting Pinball and Match & Catch Fishing. The first is another disguise editor, Counting Pinball is a pinball game that teaches the player to count, while Match & Catch Fishing's main goal is to place pairs of identical fishes in the top jars. Both the mini games and the full adventure have two levels of difficulty.

Similarly to other educational games of the era, the player can interact with many things from the world, not necessarily pertaining to puzzles or story advancement. This can trigger animations or speeches, giving a better idea on what the object actually is. The protagonists' and other characters' lines are fully-voiced.

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