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Play-Doh Creations allows your child to create without all the mess that Play-Doh can sometimes make since it all takes place on the computer. Players get to visit each of the island's five locations and make creatures using the basic forms provided, add-ons, stamps and tools.

The snag comes in the basic forms. Though players do get a wide variety of them, 10 or 12 at each location, they are limited to those forms and cannot import more or design something original. For this reason, the program is not as good as the real thing. However, players can start with a basic form from one area and add items to it from other areas.

For instance, you can take a human body from the mall and add horns to it from the laboratory. A specific drawback, though, is the lack of a way to give your creation, say, wings on its back. Any item added to the basic form must stay on top of it or stuck to the sides. This can lead to some fairly strange looking creations.

The one thing the computer version of Play-Doh offers over it's real life counterpart is that players can change the colors or have Play-Doh that shifts colors constantly. Additionally, players can combine colors, make neon colors or add sparkles to their creations.

While not as good as the real object, the program can keep children occupied for hours as they churn out their creations and make them dance on stage. While the number of options for main forms are limited, there are enough add-ons and accessories to keep players satisfied for months, if not years.

Graphics: Graphics are good but a bit crude. This may have been a choice on the part of the game designers to simulate what characters made of Play-Doh might really look like.

Sound: Voices are easily understandable and kids will enjoy the goofy songs played at the great show.

Enjoyment: Kids will find this game extremely enjoyable but older children might get frustrated at the limited number of body types available.

Replay Value: The game will keep kids playing for long periods of time. The only hard part will be deciding which of their creations to keep in the limited space available.

Your creativity takes shape on Play-Doh Island!

It's creativity and show-and-tell at its best!

Hop aboard the Play-Doh Island express and travel to four different creationslocations. Invent all kinds of creatures at the Laboratory. Design theircostumes and hair styles at the Mini Mall. Craft crazy vehicles at the Factory. Mix up some delicious Play-Doh treats at the Bakery.'s showtime at the theater! Play-Doh Pete hosts "The Great DohShow" musical review starring your animated creations!

Four open-ended Play-Doh creation locations Squish stretch mix and stamp your unique creations

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