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Discover the world of robots in this multimedia CD-ROM featuring stories from best-selling author Isaac Asimov. The highlight of the program is the ability to create your own robots with an interactive toolkit by Forbidden Planet and

Producer Byron Preiss has done a superb job bringing the ideas of the late Isaac Asimov to this CD-ROM, which touches on almost all topics related to robots and robotics.

You'll learn about the history and principles of robotics, and hear and see Asimov himself discuss the field. The Robotoid Assembly Toolkit (created by Ralph McQuarrie, the production designer for Star Wars) lets you build, animate, and save or print images of the virtual robots you construct. You can also see film clips of famous and not-so-famous movie robots or read from the sizable collection of Asimov's short stories and essays. His "Three Laws of Robotics" are discussed in detail, as are their impact on literature and actual science.

Without a doubt, The Ultimate Robot lives up to its name. This is a must for any Asimov fan.

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