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Sega's star mascot trades in his speedy sneakers for a report card in this edutainment title from Expert Software. After selecting a grade level in math and English, players must guide Sonic through a series of 3D rooms filled with blackboards and items such as balloons, letters, or numbers. Each blackboard lists a problem that can be solved by retrieving a specific item from one of the adjacent rooms. After answering ten questions correctly, players will unlock a ring-collecting mini-game, a matching mini-game, or an interactive field trip viewed from inside a bus. The trip offers selectable video clips of animals and places from around the world. Both questions and items in each room are influenced by the selected grade level: kindergarten, first, second, third, or fourth grade.

In Sonic's Schoolhouse, you don't play as the hedgehog himself, but instead a poorly-rendered cartoon animal that Sonic has presumably abducted to "play in his schoolhouse". Sonic, as far as we're all aware, has never had any formal education, making his sudden interest in schooling children more than a little sinister. Sonic's pretty much everywhere in the game, from the menus to having multiple copies of himself following you around at all times in the game itself. Every time he speaks, he'll attempt to explain things to you in a voice so nasal and high-pitched that it could make Jaleel White sound like James Earl Jones in sheer comparison.

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