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The Star Trek Omnipedia is an impressive compilation of information the most devout Star Trek universe. The paths diverge in the late 20th century as there has been no eugenics war yet and World War III hasn't occurred. The information is presented by date only and doesn't lend itself to easy browsing.

The Resources mode is the most entertaining section as it contains a great deal of trivia. Unfortunately, the trivia isn't always presented accurately and, in some cases, there's just not enough information. At first glance, one wonders if the five narratives in the Topics segment are really necessary and a unique section on each seems somewhat redundant. Nevertheless, the narration by Mark Lenard is superb, which makes them worthwhile after all.

The problems and disappointments in Star Trek Omnipedia are mostly minor but can detract from the overall enjoyment of the title. For example, some of the diagrams displayed throughout the Omnipedia are cartoons when they should be screen shots. On the other hand, the screen shots that are available are grainy. There are a few interesting, but not spectacular, animations.

Where graphics may be just above average, sound in the program excels. By far, one of the most appealing aspects, other than the information, is Majel Barret's voice. The actress, series creator Gene Roddenberry's wife, played the voice of the onboard computer of the Enterprise in early television episodes and narrates the Omnipedia in similar fashion. The special Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS) sound effects are good and the Omnipedia beeps and blips in an authentic fashion. Finally, the Star Trek Omnipedia search engine is very useful in scanning the somewhat starkly presented Chronology.

Graphics: The Omnipedia is designed like an LCARS. It's the standard computer system on board Starfleet ships in the 24th century as shown in the series television shows since

Sound: Using a modified form of Dragon Speech, the Omnipedia can be given voice commands. Once you master the system, talking to the Omnipedia becomes second nature. In conjunction with other sound and graphics effects, this feature truly makes the Omnipedia a Trek experience.

Enjoyment: The Omnipedia is a lot of fun, especially to a fan of the franchise. Talking to the computer is amusing, the information is genuinely interesting and the entries are very detailed. Several websites cite the Omnipedia as a reference, which speaks to its level of detail.

Replay Value: While the program is generally up-to-date (at the time of release), it also seems frozen at this point in time. There is no suggested or implied means for updating the information via the Internet. Needless to say, future

The Star Trek Omnipedia is an interactive CD-ROM that contains content from the Star Trek Encyclopedia and Star Trek Chronology. It was succeeded by later versions that were simply called the Star Trek Encyclopedia. The software allows the user to call up commands to the computer with the use of a microphone. An extensive training program is required before use, so that the computer will recognize the user's voice. For added authenticity, the user can address the "Computer" and it will reply with a beep before proceeding with the request. Majel Barrett provides the voice of the computer and Mark Lenard narrates several featured topics illustrated with diagrams and imagery. These include biographies of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek production history, The history of the Enterprise and the history of the future. The initial release of Omnipedia covered all 3 seasons of TOS, all 7 seasons of TNG, DS9 up to Season 2 and the first six Star Trek films. Users who had registered the software received a free update CD-ROM in December 1995 that added information on DS9 Season 3, VOY Season 1 and the seventh feature film, Star Trek Generations.

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