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Star Trek fans and others alike will delight in this amazing adventure through time and space. The graphics, storyline, gameplay and everything else is a fitting testament to the long running science fiction television epic. Each mission brings you closer to defeating the long time enemy of the Federation, the Borg.

When the animated movies begin in Star Trek: Armada, you get a sense the entire game will be filled with a great storyline. The action is not what you'd normally expect of a space shooter video game. Much of the game is played like a strategy title where you move your ship to certain areas and build stations. However, it's also an action game at the same time! When enemy ships come into range, battle begins and you watch the action unfold before your eyes. The screen allows you to switch viewing modes to see action close up. It's much easier, though, to use the main viewing mode perspective where you're above all the action. Through this view, you're able to navigate through the map with much greater ease than by seeing only straight ahead.

Each mission begins with an animated movie that explains the "why" and "where" of your location. The transition from mission to mission is very smooth and makes you feel like you're moving at a very fast and important pace. In a sense, the game plays out like a little movie. But after you get to a mission, you're always able to restart at that same place when you begin the game again.

First, you must complete the Federation missions, after which you can move on to the Klingon, Romulan and Borg campaigns. Not only do you control the starship USS Enterprise-E, but three other races in the game as well. Also, if you play a multi-player game over the Internet, each player can choose his or her own race and go at it in an all out war mode! Star Trek: Armada has many different ways to play the game and based on the gameplay options alone, offers fans a good experience.

The game moves at a pace that is both slow and fast alike. With the strategy game aspect, you'll sit around a bit and search the area while you build ships and star bases, an aspect that might not appeal to gamers who love non-stop action. However, the game is fast paced in that each mission does not last incredibly long and the transition between missions is exciting. For players not interested in the Star Trek series, the game probably won't shine any new light to draw them in. It follows much of the same rules and laws of the series and movies and offers new aspects never seen before while still maintaining the same traditions.

In summary, Star Trek: Armada is a game that keeps your pulse moving and your mind working as well. Both the action and strategy does justice to the Star Trek story and offers a new perspective to anyone who's kept up with the show throughout the years. For Star Trek fans, the game is a necessity.

Graphics: The starships look very much like the images generated in the television show or movies and all the colors are very vivid. The animated movies almost look like the real characters but could have been done better.

Sound: All the Star Trek: The Next Generation actors lent their voices to the making of the game -- an excellent feature. Also, the music is well done and makes the game more suspenseful.

Enjoyment: Star Trek: Armada is very interesting, challenging and fun to play. The strategy aspect of the game is great for relaxing and the action is great. The movies are also fun to watch between missions.

Replay Value: The multi-player feature always makes the game fresh, as you can choose between four races to control and who to join with in online action.

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