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Superman Activity Center is built around three major areas: Krypton, Smallville, and Metropolis. Each has various activities contained within and the player is required to complete every activity at least once within each section to move on to the next one.

Most of the activities have three difficulty levels, but the default difficulty is set when you first start the game. You can change the difficulty at any time during a game, however, if you are currently playing a game, you must start over if you change the difficulty level.

On Krypton there are three activities: Brainiac Challenge asks you to test your memory as you play "Follow the Leader," repeating a series of keys and musical notes back to the computer. The higher the difficulty level, the more notes are in a sequence. Players must complete the activity successfully three times to get past Brainiac's security measures.

Rocket Builder asks you to retrieve rocket parts by programming a computer arm to retrieve them from the warehouse where they are stored in. Players must retrieve all five parts of the rocket successfully.

Lost Colors of Krypton is a coloring book with pictures of Superman as a baby, his parents, and sights of the planet Krypton.

In Smallville, Ma Kent's Scrapbook is also filled with pictures to color, this time from Superman's youth and of Smallville itself.

Hidden Hazards has Clark looking around the Neighborhood for dangerous conditions. Peering through the walls with X-ray vision, spot the dangerous conditions and click on them. They are fixed, and Ma Kent tells you why they are dangerous and what to do to fix them. The number of hazards in the scene is dependent on the difficulty, and a small hazard bar gives you an idea of how many hazards are left to find.

In Metropolis, Livewire Trap asks you to trap the escaped livewire by having Superman short out the televisions with his heat ray vision. If you correctly pick where Livewire will be next, you can trap her by cutting off her means of escape.

Lex Challenge is played against Lex Luthor and is like the game of Go. Players try to be the one with more tokens on the board at the end of the game.

Star Mapper lets you attempt to identify constellations. Click on stars to have Superman draw the constellation using vapor trails. If you are correct, he will tell you about the constellation.

STAR Labyrinth asks players to guide Superman to the Krypton negating suit and then to the villain to make the capture.

In the Daily Planet, Photo Lab asks you to color pictures of Superman, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and other views of Metropolis.

Front Page Reporter lets you type out your own story, complete with headline to be used on the Front Page of the Daily Planet. Once you have completed the story, go to the Editor's Desk to lay out your story or others and add a picture. This page can be printed out.

Finally, in Hidden Profiles, help Lois Lane reconstruct her scrambled computer files by finding words in a block of letters.

Graphics: Just like in the Television series. The animated one.

Sound: Very good. Nothing too loud, too soft, or objectionable.

Enjoyment: This is great. Every kid will find something interesting to do, regardless of his likes and dislikes.

Replay Value: Once you have read the story, you can return to any game in the program.

Leap into 13 skill-building activities!

13 Fun and challenging games, puzzles, and activities.

Write a front-page story for the Daily Planet with Lois Lane and Clark Kent!

Build the spaceship that sends Superman to Earth while building your deductive reasoning skills!

Learn valuable safety tips with Clark's x-ray vision!

Help Jor-El crack the secret computer code! Repeat the sounds and color patterns in the correct sequence!

Crack the code of the Word Search Challenge with Lois Lane!

Flip through and color childhood pictures of Clark with Ma Kent! Time to let your creativity take flight!

Match wits with the crafty Lex Luthor in a game of strategy and skill!

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