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At first glance, Jurassic Park: Scan Command seems like a goofy game idea. Bar code-battling was huge in Japan years ago, the technique used here, but it never really caught on in the United States. Far from being the dull prospect one might suppose, though, scanning little black and white bar codes turns out to be more fun than you'd expect. Scan Command thrives on unpredictability and quirkiness, and the results are largely positive. Utilizing what is admittedly a great license, the title offers a fun time for the entire family, whether they're at the computer or shopping at the local grocery store.

The concept is simple: select from eight different dinosaurs featured in the Jurassic Park universe.

Jurassic Park: Scan Command most definitely relies on a gimmick, but one that surprisingly works in this case. The process of scanning is more entertaining than you might imagine, and the game is truly fun for the whole family. It's a terrific way to interact with your kids, both on and away from the computer.

Graphics: Dinosaurs are easy to distinguish and tropical locales are nicely rendered. Nothing innovative or outstanding, but enough to create a good gameplay environment. Animation could have been a bit crisper.

Sound: Nothing outstanding, but the use of material from its license bolsters the presentation with stirring music and intimidating sounds.

Enjoyment: The simple concept is executed with simple gameplay, and it works. Scanning and battling draw you into the action, so much so that the simplicity doesn't adversely affect enjoyment. It's fun for the entire family and even gives kids a reason to tag along on boring shopping trips.

Replay Value: Scanning won't be exciting forever, but being able to enjoy the game away from the computer adds a significant boost to the replay value. Challenging other gamers in "king of the beast" contests based on dinosaurs built with bar code enhancements is a treat and extends game life considerably.


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