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Shrek Swamp Fun With Early Math uses the same formula as its companion game, Shrek Swamp Fun With Phonics, and offers kids an entertaining method of understanding and honing skills that range from simple addition and subtraction to basic concepts involving shapes, time, money, and fractions. Easy menu choices allow kids of all ages to pick one of three skill levels, each filled with increasingly complex math categories and interactive reinforcement.

Skill Level 1 features games involving shapes, colors, numbers, counting, and money. In Level 2, players work with the concept of greater than or less than, addition, subtraction, and time, while Level 3 expands the coverage of addition and subtraction, deals with odd and even numbers, and introduces fractions and multiples. Each level contains a set of challenges that focus on reinforcing the skills of the level.

The simple gameplay involves moving Shrek through swamps, jumping where necessary to collect appropriate numbers, shapes, coins, or other solutions to problems displayed on the screen or spoken verbally by the narrator. Arrow keys move Shrek left or right, and pressing the spacebar makes him jump from platform to platform, avoiding traps like gooey pits, hanging spiders, incorrect answers, bee swarms, and more, using special objects to make extra high jumps. Every time Shrek touches an incorrect answer or hits a trap, his preset number of chances decreases. If he fails to complete a level, Shrek simply lays down and goes to sleep, requiring the player to restart the level.


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