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Reader Rabbit's Reading 1 is an updated version of the original Reader Rabbit educational game for DOS. In this edition, The Learning Company's trademark Rabbit is dismayed to learn that all the words in Wordville have been lost from the books, newspapers and letters; the player's goal is to load new words from the Word Factory onto Ernest the word train and deliver them to Wordville as replacements. Inside the Word Factory, the player is given a choice of four reading-themed activities: Matchup - a Concentration game; at level one, Reader Rabbit will say the names of the pictures aloud for the player. At the highest level the player matches a picture to a word showing only one letter Sorter - a word sorter; at level one, the player must sort out the words that have the same beginning sound as a given one and discard those that don't. At the highest level the player finds the complete matching word Labeler - a missing letter game; at level one, the player must select from a row of letters to supply the one missing from a picture caption. At the highest level the player must find the entire word Word Train - the player must find the words that are in the same family as a given one. At higher levels the player chooses words that may have the same beginning, ending, or middle lettersAll interaction is performed with the mouse by pointing and clicking, and the activities can be played in any order. Clicking on Reader Rabbit's mouse companion will access a page that allows the setting of separate levels for each activity, an overview of the reading concepts behind the game, sound options, and theme selections. The game is suggested for ages 4 - 7, targeting pre-readers through emerging readers.

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