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Shady O'Grady's Rising Star offers audio-oriented gamers a chance to walk the path of a music legend in the making as they assemble a band and then tour across America with the hopes of becoming the next big thing. After working their way through the tutorial, gamers take the role of an 18-year-old with dreams of becoming a rock star. Players must guide their character through such objectives as putting together a band, practicing, playing venues, touring, recording, and writing songs in order to earn experience. As the game advances, players can customize their character and band members with a variety of hair, face, clothing, equipment, and supply upgrades. There are several different locations to visit including many cities based on real U.S. cities, and within these areas gamers can enter such locations as recording studios, bars, clubs, hotels, homes, theatres, and stadiums. The soundtrack includes music from ten types of genres, and players can import their own MP3s and listen to their favorite tunes as they climb the ladder of success.


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