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Gem-swapping puzzle gamers fight on in Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, the sci-fi successor to the breakaway hit Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. As in the earlier game, players battle opponents by taking turns in a Bejeweled-style token-swapping puzzle game. The positions of any two adjacent tokens can be swapped. Lining up three or more tokens of the same kind removes them from the board, crediting the player with their power-up. Unlike its predecessor, Galactrix takes place in space, where there is no gravity. As hexagonal tokens are cleared from the round board, the direction of incoming replacement tokens is determined by the player's last move, instead of replacements always falling down from above.

When not engaged in deep-space ship-to-ship battles, there is an expansive, galactic map to explore, full of side missions, skirmishes, and other opportunities. As the first Puzzle Quest played out along a fantasy RPG storyline, the follow-up is built on the narrative framework of an epic space-opera, with ships to create and capture, planets to colonize, and intergalactic commodities to trade. Players can hack jump gates, mine asteroids, create new items, and perform other risky but profitable tasks by winning in variations of the token-swapping puzzle game. As they face greater challenges and tougher opponents, players progress from novice pilot to fleet commander, gaining stronger powers, more ships, and valuable experience with each quest completed.


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