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Infinite Interactive's unusual amalgam of match-three and RPG continues with Puzzle Quest 2. As with its critically acclaimed predecessor, the core play mechanics involve arranging colored spheres and symbols to create matches of three or more. Each puzzle is a turn-based battle between your chosen hero and a monster, with a victory earning your character experience points to reach higher levels. The single-player story mode features quests to find hidden artifacts, missing people, and more, as you attempt to save a village from the grip of a demon.

The presentation for the game's adventuring aspect is completely redesigned. Instead of traveling across an overhead map, you now explore more detailed environments from an isometric perspective. Also new is the ability to equip and use weapons during the puzzle battles, offering an additional attack once you clear a set number of gauntlets from the playing field. Shields offer a line of defense, and an assortment of new spells allow you to influence the battle in a variety of ways. A tournament mode has been added as well, consisting of a series of battles that pit four selected creatures against an opponent's four creatures. The first person to eliminate all four monsters wins the game.


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